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Have you ever been involved in something so successful that you can’t believe it? It is amazing what you can do when you let God drive! Those of you who have donated to Clap for Jesus created a Catholic High school in Ghana, Africa that has exceed all expectations.
Clap for Jesus is a US based 501c3 created to build St. Joseph Catholic High School in in rural Ghana, Africa. Our goal was to have 500 students who could become leaders in faith and the business community. Today, we have over 900 students, of which over 500 live on campus. We have a boys dorm, a girls dorm, an assembly hall, a classroom building and four facility and administrative housing buildings. We have built roads, dug wells for water, installed electricity and planted some farmland. We are building our FINAL building and have $36,500 to go. Please go to the success tab for more detail or click here. Thank you for your generous support.

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