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We have almost 800 attending of which 525 are residents. Last semester the school had 705 students, 339 males and 366 females in an environment that typically has at least 60/ 40 males to females. Conditions are worse in rural areas.  We have developed five areas of focus (Our plan was that we would have four!):


Agri Science (70% of jobs in the municipality are farming, forestry or fishing)

General Science

General Arts


Home Economics


Add to that the extracurricular successes and the sheer number of people participating and I have to say that this is the best bang for the nonprofit buck that i have ever made. Let’s look more deeply into how we performed in this region.


St. Joseph Senior High School Academic Results


 “In the Western region of Ghana, there are 49 senior high schools. Only six out of the 49 schools were regarded as the best performing schools during the 2016 regional ranking. We are proud to say that St Joseph is one of the six best performing schools in the western region. In the Wiawso Municipality, there are 4 Senior High Schools. St Joseph is the youngest among these four yet in competitions like debates and quizzes, we always outshine tem all.”[1]


With regards to the 2016 WASSCE (the testing required to get placed into college and technical schools), the results are as follows. Candidates are tested in all 8 areas. These tests determine what colleges or technical school students can apply to. Those who pass 6 subjects have a good chance of gaining “admission into the universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and nursing training colleges, school of journalism, etc.”.[2]  We have had times when 0 students could get into professional degree programs.


Candidates presented 124

Candidates absent          3


28 students passed in   all 8 subjects

69 students passed in       7 subjects

20 students passed in       6 subjects

  4 students passed in       5 subjects

 0 students passed in        4 subjects



[1] Taken from Headmistress Stella Adjei on the occasion of the schools 2nd Speech and Prize Giving Day Celebration, pages 4-5, March 1st, 2017

[2] ibit


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