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We are so excited to announce that we have completed our 10th and final building for St. Joseph's Catholic High School. It was put into service Spring Semester 2020. While the major capital expense has been completed, we now have the opportunity to provide resources for low-cost high-impact activities:

First, we have several positions that have not been filled because of no budget for them. We desperately need 1 security person, 1 cook and 2 handymen/ workers. In addition, we need funds for extracurricular programs and transportation to events. We would like to get 10 gifts of $1,000 to cover these Critical Unfunded Items.

We would like to create a Computer Lab. We would like to obtain 50 new computers (at $250 each) and we will need $2,000 for installing the network and connecting to the internet. 

Yes, I would like to donate $1000 for 4 computers. 

I would like to donate $250 for one computers

I would like to donate $100 to help in constructing the network.

We would like to build a Cocoa Farm that the students would operate as part of their agricultural studies.

We would like  to buy 3,000 cocoa saplings, 9 bags of fertilizer and pay for the workers to prepare the field

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